Automation solutions and services include comprehensive offerings such as PLC, DCS, SCADA for automation technology and the digitalization of production.


Industrial plant equipment & spare parts trading- Includes reselling equipment and machinery installed in industrial plants or used in industrial production such as oil refineries, petrochemicals, food and plastic industries, etc. Oilfield and Natural Gas equipment and spare parts trading Include reselling the equipment involved in various operations of oil and natural gas production from primary stages of survey and exploration up to storage, including drilling equipment, pumping, gas liquefaction, refining, and transportation.


Power generation, and transmission & distribution equipment trading-Includes reselling of power plant turbines, generators and reactors, transmission and feed equipment, distribution keys, panels, current rectifiers, power storage batteries, control systems, and others for private and public use.


Supply of all types of industrial knives (paper Cutting guillotine knives, paper-cutting sheet knives, etc.), conveyors and spares, refectory & anchor, Bag filter, SS equipment & fabricated items, Steam boilers, PRV, Temp control valve, valves-gate, Globe, Butterfly- Hand operated or actuated, and all types of boiler burners, pumps, PHE’s


Solar energy systems and component trading- Includes reselling solar panels and slabs of energy systems (Photovoltaic) installed on tops and facades of residential and commercial buildings or on the ground to generate power for use in water heating and cooling and energy supply.